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The Wildlife Series Nature On Track was produced locally highlighting conservation issues throughout Africa. The style of Nature On Track is classical with contemporary allusions.  It is serious with bursts of humour.  It is issue-driven with occasional lapses into philosophy.  Visually, the series paints an all-encompassing picture of Africa’s myriad wildernesses in all their remarkable colour and texture. This 156 part series has amassed more local and international acclaim than any other series in South Africa having received more than 100 awards locally and internationally.

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Turtle Tales Towards A Lonely Planet
Horn of Death The Industrial Evolution
Birds of a Feather The Gatherers
Chita Etosha - A Portrait
Snakes and Other Reptiles African Lace & Petticoat Dust
A Terrible Beauty Labour Of Love
A Handful of Dust All Creatures Great And Small
The Ivory Kings
Lords Of The Sky
The Highlanders
Dog Days
Tracing the Shades
Island Rhythms & Crystal Waterways
The Long Shadow
Out Of The Blue
At The Waterhole
In Search Of Secret Africa
The Money Game
Wild Winter
Patterns Out Of Time
The Big Spill
Ark Of The City
An African Rodeo
Still Life - Steel Shadows The Nature Of Art
Life Under The Bed
A Liquid Cradle
An Armchair Guide To The Galaxy
Of Lost Cities & Forests Found
Silent Sanctuary
Sets, Mice & Videotape
In A Crowded Valley
Emerald Veils
A Kingdom Come
Jungle Jive
Their Master’s Choice
A Restless Spirit
Phantoms Of The Forest
Burnt Offerings
Where There Water Touches The Sky
Once Upon A Time
Life On The Edge
Green Exiles
Both Sides Of The Story
The Tides Of Change
In The Line Of Duty
Lion Heart
In Time, With Water, Everything Changes
Toad In The Hole
On A Wing And A Prayer
In Shaka’s Footsteps
Creeping Beauties & Other Beasts And many many more
Wildlife Photography
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